The Directorate General of Specifications and Metrology

The Directorate General of Specifications and Metrology is responsible for standardization, metrology, testing, quality control and quality assurance, conformity assessment and certification, and accreditation activities. For performing these activities especially for testing, quality control of the products and conformity assessment, this department uses the services of trusted partner laboratories. The new millennium standards laboratory, with its experienced technical staff and modern devices, is ready to cooperate with the Directorate General of Specifications and Metrology and its related provincial departments in Oman.

Gas stations

In order to respect the rights of citizens, in almost all countries, controlling the quality of gasoline, diesel and other products at gas stations is a legal requirement. The new millennium Standards laboratory, with the aid of capable personnel and state-of-the-art devices, can provide competent services in order to comply with the rights of consumers.

Oil Refineries and Oil Companies

Oil refineries and oil companies need the approval of a third party laboratory to sell and export their products, as well as to assess the quality of their chemicals. New Millennium Standard Laboratory is ready to cooperate with refineries and other oil companies in the field of testing products, chemicals, materials and issuing quality control certificates for the requested products.

Petroleum and petroleum derivatives exporting and importing companies

Oil and oil products importing and exporting companies, without exception, need a quality control certificate for the traded goods. The quality control certificate must be issued by a trusted third-party laboratory. The trusted laboratory of the new millennium standards is ready to serve companies active in this field.

Oil depot

During the storage of different products in oil depot, the quality of the products as a result of aging or blending is modified. Since compliance with national and international standards in product quality control is a must, these storage facilities, in order to ensure the quality, test their quality before presenting them to the end users. To perform this they need an accredited third party laboratory and New Millennium Standards Laboratory is ready to cooperate with these companies.

Fuel Blending Companies

Some petroleum products producing companies use different petroleum fractions to produce the final product. For instance, gasoline of different octane numbers is the main product of a gasoline blending plant. In the blending process, special attention to the components and quality control of the final product is of essential importance and can only be achieved through continuous testing. New Millennium Standards Company, having experienced experts in the field of testing and blending, is ready to provide services to fuel blending companies.

Fuel testing laboratories

Some fuel testing laboratories because of heavy workload, equipment failure, legal requirements or lack of expert personnel subcontract part of their work to trusted third-party laboratories. The new Millennium standards laboratory is ready to serve the applicant laboratories within the framework of the rules and regulations of the Directorate General of Specifications and Metrology.